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  • MB Soul Urge Number  v.1.60MB Free Soul Urge Number Software is an interactive software which reveals your innermost self and its manifestation. This number essentially tells you about your hidden passions and desires.
  • MB Challenge Number  v.1.60MB Free Challenge Number Software helps you find your set of strengths and weaknesses. We must utilize our strengths in order to overcome our weaknesses, and only in way, can each of us become a complete human being.
  • MB Karmic Debt Number  v.1.85MB Free Karmic Debt Number Software is a simple and easy to use software, which tells you about a major obstacle that you may be facing in this life, due to the fact that you made some mistake in your previous life.
  • MB Rational Thought Number  v.1.85MB Free Rational Thought Number Software is software which is simple and interactive, and highlights the various ways in which you can probably develop your own thought process.
  • MB Bridge Number  v.1.85MB Free Bridge Number Software gives you information about the Life path/ Expression bridge number and the Soul Urge/Personality bridge number.The bridge numbers show how you can make the core numbers in your chart relate more with each other.
  • MB Expression Number  v.1.85MB Free Expression Number Software gives you an idea about what you really are and what you are trying to become. This software thus helps you in taking the right steps in life and achieves success in whatever you do.
  • MB Balance Number  v.1.85MB Free Balance Number Software is a simple and easy to use software that helps you locate your personal balance number, which in turn, can give you much needed guidance to deal with complicated or challenging situations.
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